Weekend Menu


fruit yoghurt $10 (gf)
bagel with cream cheese &… (gfb)
jam $7.50
red pepper spinach & olives $13
smoked salmon or bacon with spinach & relish $16
berries ice cream maple syrup $15
eggs benedict
spinach & bacon OR salmon OR veges $18 (gfb)
ham & brie toastie
coleslaw homemade cranberry sauce aioli $16 (gfb)
corn & coriander fritters
roast pepper salsa sour cream spinach $17
smoked chicken salad
parmesan asparagus cucumber cherry tomato toasted seeds $17 (gf)
house smoked salmon salad
beans spinach potato boiled egg aioli $19 (gf)
orzo vege & lamb bowl
sundried tomato preserved lemon toasted walnuts feta $17
asian style prawn salad
roasted peanuts avocado fragrant dressing $19 (gf)
boatshed burger
onions & peppers swiss cheese pickle $19
hot chips
aioli $7.50 (gf but please advise if you are coeliac)
sides bacon $5 / salmon $6 / eggs $5 / toast $3

sides bacon $5 / salmon $6 / eggs $5 / toast $3
(gf) Gluten Free / (gfb) Gluten Free with GF Bread / (vg) Vegan
for children
Pancakes $10 / Bacon Egg on Toast $10 / Plain Salmon OR Bacon Bagel $10 / Kids Fries $4
Or just ask us for a smaller something else.

Please tell your waiter if you have any special dietary requirements
For tables of 6 plus we ask that you pay one bill or that bill is split evenly between the table
We use free range bacon, chicken & eggs