Mother’s Day

9:00 am

May 10, 2015

Mother's Day at the Boatshed

Mother’s Day Menu

fruit yoghurt $10 *

Toasted bagels with cream cheese and …
jam OR marmite OR peanut butter… $7
red pepper spinach & olives $13
smoked salmon or bacon with spinach & relish $16

Pancakes with berries
ice cream maple syrup $15

French toast
banana bacon frozen yoghurt maple $18

Creamy mushrooms
spinach bacon toast $18 #

Eggs benedict with spinach &..
bacon OR salmon OR veges $18 #

Smoked salmon salad
potato celery gherkin leaf aioli caper salsa $20 *

Roast beetroot salad
walnuts feta olives leaf $16 *

Chicken caesar salad
bacon croutons parmesan caesar dressing $18 (GF without croutons)

Hot chips aioli $7.50* (please advise if you are GF)

Sides Bacon $5* Salmon $5* Eggs $5* Dressed Leaf $3* Toast $3


Pancakes $10
Bacon & Egg on Toast $10#
Salmon OR Bacon Bagel $10
Kids Fries $4*
…or just ask us for a smaller something else

*Gluten Free
# Gluten Free with GF Bread

Please tell your waiter if you have particular dietary requirements so we can best cater for you.

Please note for tables of 6 plus we ask that you pay one bill; or that we split the bill evenly between the table.

We use free range bacon, chicken & eggs